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Before you contact us, please check the FAQ’s below. They do contain answers to our most common questions. We will aim to get back you as soon as possible for any questions that have not been answered in our FAQ’s below.

FOR PARENTS: I have lost my "School-Code" so I can't find the school DVD on your website

If you have lost your “School-Code”, please DO NOT contact us to retrieve it. Please contact the school (or your child’s classroom teacher) and request another DVD Flyer to be sent home – or just ask them what your unique “School-Code” is.

We also ask the school to publish the “School-Code” in newsletters and other communication channels. Please check there as well 🙂

FOR PARENTS: Is There Any Other Payment Method Other Than Online?

Unfortunately not. We have moved to an online payment processing system to make the process more streamlined for everyone. We stopped offering cash payments due to the increased risk for the school and also the additional handling that goes into the entire process for everyone.

FOR PARENTS: What should I do if I can't pay online?

We recommend speaking to another parent and asking them to order a second copy for you. You can reimburse them as you wish!

FOR PARENTS: How long before the DVDs arrive at the school?

This is a big unknown for us. We aim to have DVDs back at the school in 4-6 weeks but this can vary according to the approval process we have to go through with the school before we can duplicate the DVDs. Please DO NOT contact us to ask for a DVD delivery date. Rest assured, we are working hard in the background to get them to you as fast as possible.

FOR PARENTS: Will my DVD order be sent to the school or my home?

Due to child privacy policies, all DVD’s will be distributed through the school and sent home with your child. Under no circumstances will be posting DVD’s home directly – unless we have express written permission from a staff member at your school.

FOR PARENTS: Our Concert is at the end of the year and my child is leaving the school

We understand that you would love your DVD prior to the last day of school. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Please contact your school to arrange a time to pick up the DVD at the beginning of the following school year (or have it posted by them if you have moved out of the area)

FOR PARENTS: Our Concert is at the end of the year we would love it before our children leave

We understand that you would love your DVD prior to the last day of school and to be able to re-live the memories over the Christmas holidays. Whilst we will be trying out best, unfortunately, this is not always possible.

We will be working with your school to organise a plan for DVD distribution for schools that break up before DVDs arrive. PARENTS: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US FOR THIS – THE SCHOOL WILL COMMUNICATE WITH YOU.

Thank you for understanding 🙂

For Teachers: Will Our DVDs arrive before the end of the term / school year?

We understand that you would love your DVD’s prior to the last day of the school year. We will always do our best to ensure your DVDs arrive in time for this – but we cannot always guarantee it – especially for the really late concerts. Please contact us directly and we will arrange a plan with you.

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