** If you do not know your “SCHOOL-CODE” please DO NOT contact us. For privacy reasons, we will not release the school codes to customers **
Please contact the school and request another DVD flyer (or ask them for the unique “School-Code” that is on that flyer 🙂 If we have emailed you about purchasing an Online Version, please check your email for the “School-Code”

→ NOTE: If you need to purchase more than one DVD because you have children performing in multiple shows, add the first show on this page and you will be given the opportunity to add a second show on the “Cart” page


Instructions for DVD Purchase

→ DVD’s can only be purchased online with a credit card on this website

→ Enter your unique “School-Code” (available on the DVD flyer) in the box above and search for your school DVD

→ If multiple codes are listed on your flyer (meaning the event is across more than one day/night), use the code/s for the shows you wish to purchase

→ DVDs will be available for purchase online for approximately 3 weeks after the show for the price listed on the flyer (the school will set the cut-off date and will communicate this with you)

→ Any orders taken after the school listed cut off date will incur a one-off $15 postage and handling fee

→DVDs will be sent to the school and the school will distribute to families

Instructions for Online Streaming Purchase

→ An online streaming version MAY be made available and only valid for customers who purchase a DVD. We reserve the right to not make an Online Streaming Version available after your concert if sufficient DVDs are not purchased. It’s harder for us to protect the sharing of the product with an online streaming version hence the above rule is in place. We are a small family business and your honesty is important to ensuring we remain profitable. We thank you for understanding. 

→ Enter your unique “School-Code” (available in the email we sent customers who have purchased a DVD) in the box above and search for your production

→ If multiple codes are listed in the email (meaning the event is across more than one day/night), use the code/s for the shows you wish to purchase

→ Online streaming version will be available for purchase several months AFTER DVDs have been delivered to the school. Please refrain from asking us for an update on when/if the streaming version is available. If we will not be making it available due to low DVD order numbers, we will notify you of this as well.  

As we are sure you are aware, copyright and piracy are complicated problems across society. Large companies and Hollywood studios spend billions of dollars tackling the issue. Unfortunateluy, we don’t have those budgets so we have to do things a bit differently and what may seem a bit backward to what we are all used to with the likes of Netflix & Itunes! We thank you for understanding.