Piracy is an issue and can make our small family business unsustainable.

The only way we can offer the service we do (where we do not invoice your school a fee for the service) is by having the parents split the cost of the production filming service. A downloadable version is impossible to protect from sharing. A streaming version is a little easier because we can monitor the number of logins per account including IP addresses and easily see which families have shared their account (we reserve the right to delete anyone who shares account details with other families and we will share this information with your school).

We have set a minimum order with the school based on the school size and historical data over 13 years running the business knowing how many copies would normally be purchased when we were doing DVDs (that are easier to protect).

If your school community reaches the minimum, we will email all families who purchased a streaming copy and make the master file downloadable. This will happen up to 6 months after the concert (by agreement with the school).

We are not a Hollywood studio with millions of dollars in the bank!

We are only a very small family business and need your support to keep this service going. We ask you to please do the right thing – if you would like to re-live your child’s concert memories, please support us and pay for your copy. 

Many thanks,

The School Memories Captured Team!